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Thursday, March 18, 2010

New on Steamboat

We have added a few new areas on our Steamboat community today in order to ease the pain of the wait for episode 4.

Check out the new article under the news tab on the Steamboat website.  Very well written!  We love these articles and reviews!! Fellow bloggers, let us know if you post something so we can link to it!

Also, we have added a Message board to the website and hope that you can all get it going for us.  Just make sure you're having fun with your posts so we can laugh too!  We also added a Live Chat page for when we schedule a live chat to interact with our fans.. who would you like to see? 

Yesterday we added two more links to our 'cast with Twitter.  Orlagh Cassidy and Scott Bryce.  Be sure to use the link to the right and follow them!  

PS.  Scott is a newbie, so let's get his followers going!!!

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