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Monday, March 29, 2010

Cliffhanger Thoughts?

It appears that the only two people that we know are alive and well for sure, are Dirk and Michael after watching Episode 5.  

Share with us your thoughts as to how we left you hanging in Episode 5?  What do you think happened?  


  1. I think it was a ploy to hike the ratings--look what "Who Shot JR?" did for "Dallas." I also think it was a GREAT idea, and I'm eager to find out who was shot--and who did it (we know it wasn't Dirk or Michael, so I guess Dirk has something to investigate--even if nobody actually got shot). Now I have to go through "Steamboat" withdrawal until we get more episodes.

  2. Karen! I think you are right on with the JR thing and also the withdrawals! LOL What I hope is that it was is the big guy at CBS for causing the additional withdrawal from some of the best actors and actress out there! Why does everyone think that the best are the ones in the big million dollar movies? The best are right here on Steamboat now and I hope they shot themselves for being so crazy to eliminate GL and soon ATWT!!!

  3. I think the biggest obstacle that Steamboat faces is that it's not BAD enough for TV! With what they show on TV today, you wonder why they keep adding the crap and leave shows like this on the table!

    I think the first five shots were aimed at the ceiling to get attention, but the sixth on is definitely the cliffhanger! I can't imagine who even pulled the trigger, yet I remember Tabitha with the gun.... She is a little crazy! Could she have been warning her "pumpkin" again? Or was she just a little too upset at being a grandmother???

  4. Yes, I suspect the same. Tabitha seemed pretty mad about being a grandmother! And she already showed that temper on Rhonda! Now if this is like a typical daytime soap where the cops mess up the evidence and someone walks, we won't be losing anyone! Heck, if I did 1/4 of the stuff that they have soap actors and actresses doing on daytime, I'd be in jail for life! I guess it would be great if Steamboat could make fun of the stupid times that people get out of going to jail and also about how they all come back to life! We're not morons, but some of these shows have been written lately like we are! Let Steamboat make fun of that!

  5. And, of course, if someone was shot, it doesn't necessarily mean that the person/character is dead. Some of these soap characters have more lives than cats--and if they do die, they still can come back as ghosts (or the actor/actress can play a twin). Just think--evil "Rhonda" could be killed and replaced by kind "Rhoda" (who doesn't have her father's balls).

  6. I believe that Michael and Dirk don't care because they are so oblivious to everything besides the Emmy awards. But, I believe that they think it's another episode in the making and they aren't part of it. So, is it a scene shot or is it a real attempt because someone is mad? This isn't a real soap, just a spoof, so you've got me thinking!!!

  7. LMAO Karen! Not sure about Rhonda being without her father's balls, that is, unless she didn't have the bloody mary first! But I agree with you, when you've watched soaps, and especially ATWT, you've seen them all have more lives than a cat, and even become ghosts! I hear that is coming up again with ATWT. It would be great if Steamboat could make fun of the current episodes as we laugh from them since we've seen it so much! Babies, cheating, dying, ghosts, no wonder we've having so much fun with Steamboat, the ideas are endless!


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